Gourmet Dumpling House

I was embarrassed to say that in the months that I’ve been in Boston, I had yet to dine in Chinatown. However, I have now officially checked it off the bucket list. Two weeks ago, my roommates and I ventured out for a “family” dinner in Chinatown. On that chilly fall night, we found ourselves in the cozy (aka crowded) Gourmet Dumpling House.

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Mini Juicy Dumplings with Pork

You can’t trust a person who doesn’t like dumplings. Dumplings should honestly be its own food group. However, there has to be a special subcategory for soup dumplings which are pictured above.These were my first attempt at soup dumplings, and they were totally delicious. Thanks to this Buzzfeed video, I knew going in how to eat soup dumplings like a pro so I wasn’t looking like an amateur in Chinatown. They’re fun to eat and taste delicious! You can’t beat that!


General Gau’s Tofu

For my entree I got General Gau’s Tofu. I didn’t get chicken because I usually prefer the vegetarian option when it is available out of personal preference (I love tofu/used to eat vegetarian/still try and eat vegetarian most of the time). This was so yummy and I really appreciated how the tofu was fried because it gave it a meat-y texture and taste that was great. My roommate who is actually vegetarian really enjoyed this dish too so it is a crowd pleaser!

Dinner at Gourmet Dumpling House was fantastic. It’s quite crowded so if you’re going at night expect a short wait, but it’s definitely worth it for the yummy, authentic Chinese food.

An Introduction

Hey there. Yeah, I’m talking to you. Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Samantha! I’m a college student currently studying in Boston. I hail from a small coastal town in Maine, but I am very much enjoying city living.

Some things that make me happy include: going on a walk everyday, online shopping, watching TV (The Mindy Project and Scandal are my current favorites), seeing a movie that makes me feel something, reading (and finishing!) a book, spending time outdoors (especially in the Fall!), sweater weather, and eating really good food.

Now this last thing brings me to why this little corner of the internet exists…

The food at college is fine, but it certainly isn’t something to get excited about. I love to cook and thanks to my father who is a chef, I’m pretty good at it too. However, college doesn’t make cooking easy. So sometimes when you’re sick and tired of the dining hall, eating out is the best option. It can also be a very expensive option, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And the other day I was feeling that desperation because I got a funny kind of homesick. I was homesick for the food from home. I was fortunate to live near a place with the most restaurant per capita in America, and have parents who were great cooks. I grew to have my favorite spots, but now that I’ve moved to a new place, I haven’t found my new go-tos.

So this blog is a way of curing my homesickness while also introducing me to all the food Boston has to offer! (Or at least that is the goal.)

Boston has so much to offer, so where do I even begin?! Well thanks to a generous family member who gave me several gift cards to some eateries in my new neighborhood, and along with the aid of a couple helpful articles from Spoon University and Buzzfeed, I have plenty of places to start!

Until next time. Xx