Thinking of Boston


I am terrible at living in the moment. Anxiety has a tendency to try and pull me back to the past, and more consciously I have a habit of constantly trying to plan for the future in big and small ways. This summer, I’ve been trying to really focus in on living in the moment as much as possible. However, with less than a month left until I head back to Boston for another school year, I cannot contain my excitement. Every time a co-worker asks when I head back, I can’t hide my giddy smile when I think about being reunited with my friends. I’ve started daydreaming about all the fun we’re gonna have doing our favorite things.

For those heading to school in Boston here are some of my favorite things to do with friends, that I can’t wait to be back doing:

• Late night walks to Bova’s for a creme brûlée cannoli or over to the Esplanade to feel the late night summer breeze while sitting on a dock in the Charles River.

• Taking the T over to Brookline for Otto’sZaftig’s or celebratory hibachi.

• Going to brunch in Kendall Square at State Park and then an early matinee at Kendall Square Cinema. Or going to a Thursday night movie at Kendall to start our weekend early and scoring a student discount!

• Walking over to the historic waterfront to have a view of Boston Harbor.

• Going to the MFA since most Boston students can go for free! (I have going to the ICA and Isabella Stewart Gardner museums on my bucket lists this year!)

• Going to free student theatre, comedy shows, a capella or dance performances. The talent at my school (and I’m sure most schools!) is so freaking impressive. I feel more school pride going to these shows than I do a sporting event (arts school problems!)

• Walking through the Boston Public Gardens and then down Newbury Street or Commonwealth Ave. on a sunny day.

• Authentic Dim Sum in Chinatown at Gourmet Dumpling house.

I miss you Boston, but I’ll see you so so soon! Xx