An Afternoon In Brookline

On a Friday afternoon, after I’d been going non-stop all day, and the night prior I’d gotten very little sleep due to feeling ill, there was only one thing on my mind: Matzo ball soup. So with my wonderful roommate who agreed to go without a second thought, we headed over to Brookline on the Green Line. We cannot get over how wonderful the food was on our afternoon excursion.

For lunch, we went to Zaftig’s because I heard that is where you get the best Matzo ball soup. (It definitely is.)


Complimentary Bagel Chips with Garlic and Herb Cream Cheese

Okay so at Zaftig’s they set the bar high right as you sit down with a plate of homemade bagel chips with garlic and herb cream cheese for dipping. I never want to be given another basket of rolls or bread. Only bagel chips from now on. Okay, I’m being overdramatic but seriously I loved this quirky treat!


Chicken Matzo Ball Soup

Now for the real reason I came. This little cup is packed with homemade chicken soup with a fluffy but firm matzo ball right in the center. The soup is great. Best part is they don’t put celery in it (celery is the devil’s vegetable, and this is coming from someone who LOVES vegetables).


Potato Knishes

I also ordered two potato knishes because matzo ball soup and knishes are basically  peanut butter and jelly in my eyes. These knishes were the fluffiest, creamiest mashed potatoes wrapped in a delicate pastry. I seriously wish I’d taken a picture of the inside of these. Just imagine clouds (with lots of butter and chives).

Zaftig’s is great and earned a spot in my favorite places to eat in Boston! It’s also very affordable for a college-kid budget. Both my roommate and I paid only $10 for each of our meals which were generous portions of some really great homemade food.

And now J.P. Licks!



Pumpkin and Chocolate Chip Cookie twist frozen yogurt topped with crumbled graham crackers

Everyone in Boston always raves about J.P. Licks, so when we passed by, we couldn’t resist. I got the Pumpkin (because I’m obsessed with Fall) and Chocolate Chip Cookie frozen yogurts topped with graham cracker and it was so delicious.

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Look at my adorable roommate!

Brookline is a such a charming community (with some very good food). We have definitely made going to Brookline a Friday tradition as a way to herald in the start of our weekend.

Until next time. Xx