Hello world. Remember that time I ran a food blog? Yeah, me too. Those were the good times — when I had free time and money in my bank account. Oops!

Well now I’m back (or I’m saying I’m back) with a new name: Girl Meets Boston! Mostly because I wanted to highlight (for my parents) that I’m doing a lot more in Boston besides eating. But also I’m not in Boston right now. I will be in August, but I came back to Maine for the summer because boy, oh, boy I have missed this beautiful state dearly.

I’m so glad to be home too. Since being home, I’ve gotten my wisdom teeth out (ouch!), started a summer job(which I love!), voted for the first time (I’m coming for you 2016 presidential elections!), forced myself to go on runs(kind of?), seen friends who are also home from school, and kept up with doing my own laundry (most of the time…sorry mom).

Anyway, let’s see if I post on here regularly. (The answer is probably not.)


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