Gourmet Dumpling House

I was embarrassed to say that in the months that I’ve been in Boston, I had yet to dine in Chinatown. However, I have now officially checked it off the bucket list. Two weeks ago, my roommates and I ventured out for a “family” dinner in Chinatown. On that chilly fall night, we found ourselves in the cozy (aka crowded) Gourmet Dumpling House.

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Mini Juicy Dumplings with Pork

You can’t trust a person who doesn’t like dumplings. Dumplings should honestly be its own food group. However, there has to be a special subcategory for soup dumplings which are pictured above.These were my first attempt at soup dumplings, and they were totally delicious. Thanks to this Buzzfeed video, I knew going in how to eat soup dumplings like a pro so I wasn’t looking like an amateur in Chinatown. They’re fun to eat and taste delicious! You can’t beat that!


General Gau’s Tofu

For my entree I got General Gau’s Tofu. I didn’t get chicken because I usually prefer the vegetarian option when it is available out of personal preference (I love tofu/used to eat vegetarian/still try and eat vegetarian most of the time). This was so yummy and I really appreciated how the tofu was fried because it gave it a meat-y texture and taste that was great. My roommate who is actually vegetarian really enjoyed this dish too so it is a crowd pleaser!

Dinner at Gourmet Dumpling House was fantastic. It’s quite crowded so if you’re going at night expect a short wait, but it’s definitely worth it for the yummy, authentic Chinese food.


One thought on “Gourmet Dumpling House

  1. so delicious!! it’s true, you can’t trust a person who doesn’t like dumplings 😉
    i want to check out boston’s chinatown next time!

    xo welltraveledwife.com


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