Gourmet Dumpling House

I was embarrassed to say that in the months that I’ve been in Boston, I had yet to dine in Chinatown. However, I have now officially checked it off the bucket list. Two weeks ago, my roommates and I ventured out for a “family” dinner in Chinatown. On that chilly fall night, we found ourselves in the cozy (aka crowded) Gourmet Dumpling House.

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Mini Juicy Dumplings with Pork

You can’t trust a person who doesn’t like dumplings. Dumplings should honestly be its own food group. However, there has to be a special subcategory for soup dumplings which are pictured above.These were my first attempt at soup dumplings, and they were totally delicious. Thanks to this Buzzfeed video, I knew going in how to eat soup dumplings like a pro so I wasn’t looking like an amateur in Chinatown. They’re fun to eat and taste delicious! You can’t beat that!


General Gau’s Tofu

For my entree I got General Gau’s Tofu. I didn’t get chicken because I usually prefer the vegetarian option when it is available out of personal preference (I love tofu/used to eat vegetarian/still try and eat vegetarian most of the time). This was so yummy and I really appreciated how the tofu was fried because it gave it a meat-y texture and taste that was great. My roommate who is actually vegetarian really enjoyed this dish too so it is a crowd pleaser!

Dinner at Gourmet Dumpling House was fantastic. It’s quite crowded so if you’re going at night expect a short wait, but it’s definitely worth it for the yummy, authentic Chinese food.



Prezza is a small, upscale Italian restaurant conveniently located next to La Summa (!!!) in the North End.

Two weeks ago, I met my dad and aunt there for a spontaneous dinner after class on a Thursday evening. If you can’t tell, I seriously love my family who have been so generous to me since I’ve been in Boston.

Okay so I only got a couple pictures of our appetizers (thanks to my dad!) and I lost two of the pictures (oops), but below my absolute favorite of the three starters we tried is pictured.

Crispy Shrimp, Italian slaw and cherry pepper aioli

Now, I don’t usually like to look my food in the eye while I’m eating it, (bad joke, I know), but these shrimp were amazing! The coating was crispy while still being light and totally not greasy which is always a win with fried food.

We also got the Braised Short Rib, sunchoke puree and fried sunchokes as well as the Buffalo Mozzarella, roasted baby artichoke, roasted red pepper, olive oil, aged balsamic and fresh basil. Both were superb and I wish I had pictures of both (mostly so I can be reminded of how great they were).

For an entree, I ordered the Scallops, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, guanciale, and cauliflower puree.

Scallops, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, guanciale, cauliflower puree

These scallops were so amazing. The portion was so generous and absolutely satisfying because the flavors in this dish were so great. There is a surprising smokiness from the guanciale in the dish that I particularly loved.

Cod Oreganata, gnocchi, tomato, black olives, capers and anchovy

Above, is my aunt’s Cod Oreganata, gnocchi, tomato, black olives, capers and anchovy. I got to steal a bite, and this was so delicious. The fish was so light, but it complimented the acidic red sauce perfectly. It was great.

Veal Porter House, saffron lobster risotto and broccoli rabe

Pictured above was my father’s entree of Veal Porter House, saffron lobster risotto and broccoli rabe. I was only allowed to try the saffron lobster risotto which was fantastic.

Prezza is a definite splurge kind of meal but everything there is delicious. It’s a modern take on Italian food, however, everything here is so wonderful and carefully created that it is nonetheless, timeless.

Until next time! Xx

Russell House Tavern

This was an awesome meal which made for a perfect Sunday. Last weekend, my cousin Amy treated me to brunch after seeing the incredibly Tavi Gevinson speak at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge.

We started off brunch with a half-dozen oysters. We got half Chatham oysters and half Wellfleets which were served with a Sweet Pickle Mignonette and Old Bay Cocktail Sauce (also some Tabasco when you ask nicely).


Half-dozen Chatham and Wellfleet oysters

I don’t know how to talk about oysters and what qualifies a prime oyster, because I’m just an 18-year-old dilettante of food critique. However, I do know what I do and do not like in oysters so I’ll tell you about these based on that. The Wellfleets were meat-y, tender, salty, but it didn’t feel like you were drinking straight up salt water. With a squeeze of lemon, some Old Bay cocktail sauce and a few drops of Tabasco, they were just how I like my oysters. These were my favorite. The Chatham’s were bigger and brinier compared to the Wellfleets. They weren’t my kind of oyster, but with some cocktail sauce and tabasco on top, I nonetheless greatly enjoyed them!


Alright and now for the main course…


Stuffed Brioche French Toast

Now what was this glorious stack of Brioche french toast stuffed with?

Nutella and candied hazelnuts.

And what is that topping the french toast?

Oh, just some torched bananas, powdered sugar and real maple syrup.

Was this dish amazing?

Yes, yes, YES!

I almost never order a sweet brunch dish. This dish looked too good to pass up though (well, and I got a side of bacon too which was also delicious), and I am so glad I ordered it. The crusty was chewy and the center melted in your mouth. The bananas added great flavor and I loved the crunch of the hazelnuts to add some varied texture.


When you ask for recommendations for brunch places in Boston, Russell House Tavern will always be named and for good reason. If you’re in town, make a reservation and visit for a brunch you can trust.

And now for some behind the scenes of me being that ridiculous person who takes pictures of everything she eats courtesy of wonderful cousin.


Obviously, I make dining out very fun.

Until next time! Xx