This weekend, I had two really great meals that I’m so excited to be sharing this week and next.

On Friday night, I had an early dinner at Saus.  This restaurant is located location near Fanueil Hall and Quincy Market which tend to be tourist traps. However, Saus is tucked on a cobblestone street serving made-from-scratch comfort food like belgian-style fries and waffles. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that the fries have fifteen different dipping sauce options.

I went to Saus with my friend Christine, a fellow food lover, before we saw a musical over at Boston College (which was fantastic and I have to admit made me miss my theater days). When Christine and I go out to eat together, we have a tendency to order quite the smorgasbord of menu items. Since we were trying a new place this time, we definitely went a tad crazy, but it was a treat night.


Starting top left (clockwise): Veggie Croquettes; Shaved Brussels Sprouts; Bread N’ Butter Pickles; Poutine; Crispy Wild Mushrooms

The Veggie Croquettes were so yummy. They were made from mashed potato, cauliflower, carrots and served with the Samurai sauce which is chili paste and Saus house-made mayo. They were crunchy on the outside and creamy in the inside. The Samurai sauce is really well paired with this dish because it’s unexpected but definitely complimentary in flavor to the croquettes.

Next, the Shaved Brussels Sprouts which come with a blue cheese vinegarette were amazing. They have a sprinkle of bacon bits on top which makes this dish reminiscent of a chopped wedge salad. This was totally delicious and made me wish that all wedge salads were made with shaved brussel sprouts.

The Bread N’ Butter Pickles were also great. I loved these because, although they were sweet as most are, they also had a slight saltier, dill flavor to them providing an interesting a tasty twist on traditional bread and butter pickles.

Okay, so this Poutine was great. Homemade fries topped with homemade gravy and Pineland Farms (a home state favorite!!!) cheese curds – basically it couldn’t go wrong. If you like putting malt vinegar on your french fries, don’t hesitate to put a couple shakes on these! We did and it was fantastic!

Now these Crispy Wild Mushrooms, were awesome. They’re a variety of fried, breaded cremini, portobello, oyster, shiitake mushrooms served with the Saturday Night Chive sauce. I personally liked the oyster mushroomed the best in this snack, and the Saturday Night Chive was great to balance out the oiliness and saltiness of the fried food. However, these are also pretty awesome dipped in the Samurai sauce.

Okay, so when authentic Belgian waffles (made with pearl sugar!!!) are available…


Left: Waffle with Lemon Cream; Right: Waffle with Salted Caramel

The waffles are insane. Enough said. My favorite was the waffle with Lemon Cream but the Salted Caramel was also great.

Overall, this place is totally awesome. It’s pretty affordable if you’re looking for a treat. That being said, this place is a once-in-awhile kind of treat because let’s be honest – they fry their vegetables.

I’ll see you next week! Until then! Xx


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