Breakfast and Brownstones

On Sunday, one of my roommates and I woke up before the college student sunrise (noon) and walked less than a half mile around the corner from our dorm to Mike and Patty’s.

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Nestled into the corner of Fayette Street and Church Street, Mike and Patty’s is a 175-square foot restaurant known for their incredible brunch sandwiches which attract crowds. On this Sunday, they didn’t disappoint.

I expected there to be a line around the block, but we were pleasantly surprised to find the sidewalks of the neighborhood empty and two (out of the four) seats inside available.

I ordered the sandwich they are most known for, the Fancy. The Fancy has two fried eggs, cheddar cheese, bacon, avocado, red onions and house-mayo on toasted multigrain bread.

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This aerial shot doesn’t do it justice.


There we go.

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Like come on.

This was one of the best breakfast sandwiches I have ever had. The bacon was thick-cut and applewood smoked. The egg was perfect (whites hard, yolk runny). The avocado was creamy and the red onion added a nice bite. Plus, the housemade mayo was flavorful without weighing down the sandwich. And in my opinion if you want to take this sandwich to the next level, add a drizzle of sriracha. In short, A++.

My roommate ordered the Jerry Jam (White bean hummus, spiced sweet potato, roasted cauliflower, roasted tomatoes, curried & carmelized onions, honey whipped ricotta, sprouts and green goddess on rosemary focaccia) minus the tomatoes and ricotta. She said it was also great. I stole a bite of one of the roasted sweet potatoes off the sandwich, and I could have eaten an entire plate of just those.

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Breakfast at Mike and Patty’s was absolutely delicious, and the location itself had charm. The staff was friendly and helpful. Despite the small space, they even encouraged us to stay and eat there. With this view, we couldn’t say no.

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Price wise, for a breakfast sandwich and small coffee it was between $12 and $13 so breakfast isn’t necessarily cheap. For my roommate and I, we didn’t mind the price since we have it in our budget to eat out once or twice a week. It makes all those dining hall meals worth it when you treat yourself on the weekend.

So if you find yourself looking for a breakfast place in Boston, visit Mike and Patty’s and take a stroll around the brownstone lined streets. In this Fall weather, it makes for a dreamy morning.


See ya next time! Xx


La Summa

Okay so confession…

Coming to Boston I did have a couple spots that I already knew I loved. Most of these places are in the North End because that is where my family tends to gravitate toward eating while we are visiting Boston. When visiting the North End, most people don’t stray away from Hanover Street or Salem Street but some of the best restaurants, I believe, happen to be on the side streets. One of these restaurants is a small place called La Summa.

Last Sunday after a weekend home, my mom and godmother drove me back down to Boston and before heading back to my dorm they treated me to a nice Italian dinner allowing me to dodge the dining hall one more night 🙂

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We had been to La Summa before so I was excited to feast upon some damn fine, authentic Italian food. We started our meal with a special seasonal salad which was really great, but I didn’t take any pictures of it because I was hungry and forgot.. oops! However, above and below are pictures of the entree I ordered. I got a dish called Pollo Limone. It consisted of chicken breast in a light egg batter over fresh spinach pasta, artichoke hearts, and sautéed spinach which were all in a lemon butter sauce and topped with fontina cheese. It was good as it sounds, trust me.

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The chicken breast was well cooked while still being tender, and I loved the chicken coated in the egg batter because it forms an airy almost tempura like coating but remains light and doesn’t have the heaviness of being fried. The pasta was perfect and al dente and made me never want to eat pasta from a box again. The vegetables were all very complimentary to the dish and bonus points for the artichokes not having any tough outer leaves! The sauce was quite good and reminded me a slightly heavier, more decadent piccata sauce without capers. Plus the fontina cheese was really nice and complimented the creaminess that came from the butter in the sauce. This meal definitely earned an A+ grade.

After the meal we totally went to Mike’s Pastry, but I have had one too many cannoli from being in Boston so I got my all time favorite baked good, a black and white cookie. However, no pictures were taken of said cookie because I scarfed it down before returning to my dorm.

Overall, the experience at La Summa was really wonderful. The ambience of the restaurant makes you feel like you’re having a nice family dinner at home, and the food is authentic and truly delicious. This is definitely a favorite spot of mine in Boston, but it isn’t necessarily college-kid friendly in price so I’ll be saving this one for when the parents come to visit 🙂

Until next time. Xx

An Introduction

Hey there. Yeah, I’m talking to you. Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Samantha! I’m a college student currently studying in Boston. I hail from a small coastal town in Maine, but I am very much enjoying city living.

Some things that make me happy include: going on a walk everyday, online shopping, watching TV (The Mindy Project and Scandal are my current favorites), seeing a movie that makes me feel something, reading (and finishing!) a book, spending time outdoors (especially in the Fall!), sweater weather, and eating really good food.

Now this last thing brings me to why this little corner of the internet exists…

The food at college is fine, but it certainly isn’t something to get excited about. I love to cook and thanks to my father who is a chef, I’m pretty good at it too. However, college doesn’t make cooking easy. So sometimes when you’re sick and tired of the dining hall, eating out is the best option. It can also be a very expensive option, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And the other day I was feeling that desperation because I got a funny kind of homesick. I was homesick for the food from home. I was fortunate to live near a place with the most restaurant per capita in America, and have parents who were great cooks. I grew to have my favorite spots, but now that I’ve moved to a new place, I haven’t found my new go-tos.

So this blog is a way of curing my homesickness while also introducing me to all the food Boston has to offer! (Or at least that is the goal.)

Boston has so much to offer, so where do I even begin?! Well thanks to a generous family member who gave me several gift cards to some eateries in my new neighborhood, and along with the aid of a couple helpful articles from Spoon University and Buzzfeed, I have plenty of places to start!

Until next time. Xx